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    If everybody understands the teaching in this way and think along these lines, there is nothing to be scared about. How can I use this format? Whoever does not believe that, should — when misery falls upon him — check and see what food had he been eating and continues to eat. This is the only way he can be convinced of the truth in my words.

    In this respect nature has been very careful. It has created an abundance of food for everybody, and also created suitable food for all different living conditions. If you want to develop the mind, heart or will, you will have to use the respective food for them. If you want to be an artist, a painter or a musician, or a scientists, you must choose the suitable food. Through food only you will be able to achieve what you want. God is a consciousness, where all the other consciousnesses live. And he tries to adjust all these consciousnesses in Himself.

    If, however, you need food, instead of turning to God for that and addressing Him, you go for food to the henhouse. If God lives in a hen, you have the right to eat it. But there are hens, in which God does not live. God lives in some animals, and in others — does not. Currently the Lord lives more in fruits. The outside of the fruit is just a garment, you can eat that.

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    Each organ has its own purpose. At least — each organ is a reflection of those forces, which act in a certain area, where the organ itself acts. It studies the types of services, provided by the nerves, blood vessels, veins and arteries, what part the heart plays in the blood circulation etc. But science cannot make an analogy between the services, rendered by the heart, blood vessels, and other organs in the spiritual world. If, for example, the lungs are not working well, connect with the cherubs — while breathing, think of these spirits and their wisdom.

    Through his heart man connects to another hierarchy — the thrones — the heartbeat shows that you are connected to the thrones. Through his stomach man is connected to the creatures of nobility, therefore, after man has his meal, he becomes more benevolent. Through his liver man is connected to the powers or the Divine Forces. If there is a disharmony in feelings, yellowing of the face and eyes, then there is a disharmony between the powers and man. Jaundice is treated through restoration of the harmony with the powers. Through the gall-bladder man is connected to the creatures of goodness.

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    The loss of goodness and the bursting of the gall-bladder are synonyms. In order to reduce all, goodness has to increase. Through the spleen man is connected to another hierarchy — superiors or Divine Justice. The increase or disruption of the spleen shows that justice is disturbed. Whoever fails to glorify God and be inspired by nature, by greatness in nature, cannot be in connection with the archangels and the kidneys are upset. Whoever has a healthy and normal digestive system, he is joyful, cheerful, diligent.

    Should you meet a man with a withered face, yellow, indisposed for work, you can be sure that his digestive system is not working properly. He cannot work, looks at everything gloomily, pessimistically, has not faith in life. In order to avoid such a condition, you should keep your digestive system in good order — this is a precondition for the wellbeing of man in the physical world — the first step of life.

    Peter Deunov

    If you consider the stomach and stomach system in a broader sense, you will see that these form a complex machine, which is connected to the complete life. The celiac plexus or the solar plexus, or the stomach brain deals with all the functions of human body. The lower behaviours of man, his perception of good and evil, of joy and fun, all these are due to the stomach brain. The liver is connected with it, and this is one of the greatest servants — one of the assistants of that brain.

    Sometimes, when this assistant is sick, the entire stomach system is in an improper condition. The digestive system acts incorrectly, and — as a result — inorganic substances accumulate. Blood deposits form in this way as well. What is the purpose of nutrition? It must first — maintain the body in good order, second — maintain its activity or ability to work, and third — to protect it from the conditions of the environment. The physical world is the abdomen of man, which consists of three areas: hell —the large intestine, purgatory— the small intestines and heaven — the stomach.

    Hell is situated in the intestines of man. That is why, when a doctor has to treat somebody, he first cleans his intestine. The stomach provides the necessary materials for the construction of the human body, i. It participates actively in the construction of the body. The stomach is the centre of the physical power of man. The strong one has an excellent stomach — it depends on the proper functioning of the sympathetic nervous system. How will you eat, if your stomach is upset? In their view, the Moon is formed from the substance separated during the collision between Earth and Tea.

    Though scientists continue to develop theories on the origin of the Moon, the question remains: why are the missions to the moon discontinued despite the super advanced technologies we have? For comparison, NASA's spacecrafts are now exploring in detail the Ceresa planet that lies between Jupiter and Mars, but there are no new missions to the Moon.

    Has there been a mission Apollo 13? Ebooks and Manuals

    Why is neither the US nor Russia saying anything about matters that are fueling new theories about the moon's role more and more? Is the Moon an observation center? But they did not tell you even as much as a mustard seed of what they actually saw there And the Master Beinsa Douno has an interesting point of view on the Moon as well:. The beings come in before sunset. They have also gardens. If you think the moon is empty, do not look at it at all, because there is a law: If you look at a dead person and think he has died, the flow of dead will be passed on to you.

    If you believe he is alive, something positive will be passed on to you. You can think he is dead. But the one who has an elevated consciousness, he understands things differently.